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Orgone Pyramids: Healing Energy Power of Orgonite Pyramids

In the early 1900s, Dr Willheim Reich researched a subtle form of potency, which is christened orgone. In his findings, he discovered that by agglomerating and catalysing different proportions of metals, quartz crystals and an organic resin, he could develop a dominant force.

Short Orgonite composition Intro

Organic resins are often based on petrochemicals, while the metal mainly fillings. This makes a significant portion of the mixture. However, if the addition of the quartz crystal must be removed, the mixture will be complete. You can also buy orgonite pyramid online.

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Through its power production, chi energy can change, change from negative to positive. This, in turn, has a sustained effect on the human body, and overall health. Some chi documented benefits include:

1. Improved Mood

Some users have reported that after starting the use of these substances, they begin to feel better. their temperament has improved, they have become more carefree, and in harmony with other people has gone up.

2. Improved relations

To live up to someone else, you must first be at peace with myself. substance clear your mind of all negative things, make people friendly and welcoming. Improve this interactivity, leading to better relationships and lasting.

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3. Better sleep

Among the main causes of insomnia is stress. Lack of sleep takes a toll on the affected parties, making them appear somber in almost every activity they do. Chi care of this, as it has been proven to cure even the most persistent insomnias.

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