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All About Dental Crowns By The Best Dentist

Dentists have produced cosmetic crowns and bridges that are meant to restore the tooth dimensions, shape, and fortify it giving you back your luminous appearance.

Dental crowns are artificial caps that are tooth-shaped, placed over the damaged tooth, covering the visible portion of it, thus encasing the damaged tooth inside. More information about dental crowns in concord is also available at Robert Rogers, DDS.

dental crown

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Types of Crowns available.

• Resin can also be used to make dental crowns although they don't last long hence their more reasonable expenses of installation. Use as a temporary crown

• Gold and Silver metal crowns, it's used with other metal alloys to enhance its strength, this makes it a hard wearing restoration. These crowns are gold or silver in color.

• Porcelain and ceramic forms are designed to coordinate with the color of their teeth and are preferred by people who are allergic to the different metals used to create dental crowns.

Dental crowns are typical and are a safe way to secure your damaged teeth; they can be substituted at any time if they get damaged. 

The procedure is cheap, and the cost may vary from one region to another. Also, the number of crowns and bridges which you need may give rise to a variation in the entire price.

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